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Welcome to OilFieldCrane.com your resource for all your Oil Field Crane needs.
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oilfield knuckleboom crane truck
oilfield crane truck
oilfield picker truck
We offer a complete line of Oil Field Cranes for any application. Including the amazing PM KnuckleBoom and PM Boom cranes for Oilfield use. Oilfield Picker trucks, Oil pipe casing, Oil drilling, Oil pipe handeling, barge cranes, ship cranes, OilField lifting equipment cranes, Land based oilfield cranes as well as marine based units designed for salt water use.
Custom built oilfield picker cranes for any type of job.
We are the Worlds largest importer of PM cranes. PM knuckle boom and standard boom cranes for oilfield use. PM ship base cranes are custom designed for long life and reliability in the most demanding environments and conditions.

Oil & Gas production cranes. Marine oil field service crane builders, repairs, sales and parts for all makes and models World wide. 2 to 85 metric ton (tonne) oilfield cranes for oil and gas production, pipe handling and pipe casing both stationary, land based and marine offshore. Oil drilling crane service for all makes and models. For the best in oilfield crane and rigging including oil field crane services, contact us today.

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Your Oilfield Oil and Gas Cranes, Oil Crane, Gas Crane one stop shop for parts, sales and service for all makes and models and all types of cranes.
Fassi, Hiab, Atlas, Prentice, Palfinger, PM, Jabco, IMT, Cormach, Amco Veba, Heila and many more.
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OilField Crane - OilField Cranes - Oilfield Picker Trucks - Oil Field Crane - Oil Field Cranes. Sales, Service, Parts, and Repair.
PM articulating oilfield cranes
oil field crane truck
oilfield truck
OilField Cranes, Sales, Service, Parts and Repairs.
World Wide.
From oilfield cranes, oil field picker trucks, oil and gas cranes to the largest military trucks and tanks equipped with the versatile knuckle boom articulating cranes.
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